Cry Me a Living River


There are times when life really mess up and you just asking “Why Lord this happening to me?” There are bad times happened in the past and make me regret a lot of thing I decide for my life and I kept blame myself until now. I know He (God) will make everything happened for my own good. I just keep telling my self that I wish those tears fall and becomes strength to my self and other people, cry me a living river Lord so I can help other.


Tired of those eyes who staring at me


We live in a generation who love to share about their life in social media. We live in a world full of people who want to know everything about other but not showing care to other. You can check them on their facebook, instagram and path without asking Hi to them. I just say wooww..we really lost in social media and make us become lazy to ask them personally by private chat, phone, hang out with them or just have a nice dinner time talking to each other.

For me, social media is just a social media, people can lie, people can judge each other, people can stalk each other, but they also can inspire each other, share their art and have a new friends. There are many things I kept as private, I don’t want to get lost in this social media generation even I use digital as my own canvas. There are moment I got tired with social media and tired with people too so I prefer to have my own time alone :)..sometimes I’m tired with those eyes staring at me, spent time alone doesn’t make you feel lonely, it’s a precious time to know yourself more.

Love and Anxiety


When I fall in love is just like fall into a hole full of happiness and also anxiety. Love is the strongest and most fragile thing in life. There is a peace and the next time there is anxiety. I feel happy and the next time I feel sad. Is it forever or is it temporary? What’s next?

Inspired by out of wood video-taylor swift